Full Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

If you had the chance to pick only one piece of fitness equipment to use for the rest of your life - What would it be? For us; It's pretty simple! It would have to be a set of Resistance Bands! The reason why? They allow you to perform 150+ exercises anywhere, anytime! The most versatile equipment kit out there.

While training at the gym is the perfect opportunity for athletes and gym-goers to target and isolate specific muscle groups; Resistance Bands allow this room for isolation, but in a more convenient way! 

Busy schedules, no time for the gym, travelling - These aspects are all made pointless with a set of Resistance Bands!

Resistance Bands

Training using resistance bands can be the perfect opportunity for any individual to gain definition, strength and endurance at the convenience of your own home - The stackable resistances in each set allows anyone to progressively overload of weights of around (68KG). 

This full-upper body workout will engage and target all upper body muscles: Chest, Arms, Back, Shoulders. With a full-upper body workout; You should aim to perform 2 exercises solely focusing on each body part - This will make the routine as effective as possible!

One of the fascinating parts about incorporating Resistance Bands to your workouts is that you can ultimately bring your workout with you anywhere,anytime ( This point is reiterated so often, but it's important) . The problem with busy gyms is the fact that you may find yourself waiting for equipment, or (more unpleasantly) receiving a sweaty bench! Whether you want to train at the park, gym, home or even at the beach - Our Resistance Bands help you train on the go!

Resistance Bands - Chest

 Chest Press:

This exercise is arguably the most important exercise which involves the chest - A true pec enhancer!

Chest Press Instructions:

1. Wrap the resistance band around a static pole (or some other stationary object), and firmly hold the ends of the band in each hand. The middle of the band should be perfectly aligned chest high, with you facing against the back of the pole.

2. Push the resistance bands out in front of your body, firmly extending your arms. 

3. Maintain control of the tension, as you slowly return to the starting position ( This will ensure that you're engaging the chest muscles)

5. Perform 1-2 sets of around 10-15 reps.

Chest Flys 

Chest flys is also a chest exercise which can't be neglected by any means! They are a great substitute for free weights , as they add an ascending resistance, while reducing your risk of tearing or straining your outer pec muscles.

Chest Flys Instructions:

1. Lay on a flat bench ( if you haven't got one; improvise) with the band looped under the bench. With your arms extended and fists facing each other, grab each end of the band.

2. Make sure your legs are kept still, while maintaining a strong and compact core.

3. Slowly open your arms away from each shoulder, going as far as you possibly can.

4. Your arms should be held straight, without locking your elbows.

5. Pull your arms back to the starting position, as you squeeze out your pecs.

6. Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps!

Resistance Bands - Arms

Arms, arms, arms. This is the body part which many people love to train, and there's no wonder in this at all. Training arms with Resistance Bands is even more exciting!

Bicep Curls:

This exercise is arguably the most common exercise out there. It can be simply performed with most equipment.

Resistance Bands

Bicep Curls Instructions

1. Grasp each end of the band and firmly step on the middle of the resistance band - The bands should be placed in the center section of your feet ( as pictured in the diagram above )

2. Make sure your back is kept compact and straight, with your chest + head up. 

3. Start the bicep curl movement by having your arms fully extended by your sides with palms up.

4. Slowly pull the bands up towards your chin area, while maintaining constant tension of the arm.

5. Slowly lower your hands back to the starting position, and repeat the process. 

6. Perform 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps!

Tricep Kickback

Tricep exercise

This tricep exercise is perfect to increase the size and strength of your arms. It is a technical exercise, but the exercise effectively isolates the triceps ensuring that you'll feel the burn.

Tricep Kickback instruction

1. Position your feet on the resistance bands ( as pictured in the image above ) your feet should be centrally placed on the band.

2. Put yourself in a position, where you're arching your back and ensuring that your head is up.

3. Firmly hold the bands - having one end of the band in each hand.

4. Perform a kickback movement, with your elbows tucked in to ensure full engagement of the tricep.

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