Orthopaedic Shoulder Support Brace™

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✔️ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - No Risk

✔️ Free Worldwide Shipping

✔️ Your Satisfaction = Our Priority 

✔️#1 Rated Shoulder Support Brace



Our braces are designed in a way to stimulate proper blood circulation, and provides the necessary compression + support for efficient shoulder recovery! These shoulder braces helps reduce any pain, while also contributing to increased freedom of movement!

Helps aid common problems such as torn rotator cuff, arthritis, frozen shoulders, dislocations, bursitis, clavicle problems, fractures, shoulder stiffness + many more common shoulder problems!  

" I bought this shoulder brace, as the agony in my shoulder area has been bothering me for months now, and the compression of the brace has provided me with a recovery I would have never imagined myself to have. It's more than comfortable enough to sleep with and wear almost everyday. Easily adjustable to your preferred fit, and an essential for any shoulder pain sufferer!

- Graham C


✔️Because your recovery matters to us!

✔️Ensures you a safer & faster recovery - Our brace promotes healthy blood circulation, and prevents any unsafe movement!

✔️ Helps relieve pain almost instantly - Our brace provides the necessary compression and support which helps aid against common shoulder problems such as torn rotator cuff, arthritis, dislocations & frozen shoulder injuries!

✔️Remain active - When wearing our brace; You can still perform your favourite physical exercises without excruciating any pain!

✔️Extremely comfortably ( You won't even believe you're wearing it ) - Made with a soft & light neoprene material! Adjust it to your fit!



It's The Brace Which You Can Trust!

Our Fulfilled Recovery - Shoulder Brace is fully trusted + recommend by thousands of physiotherapists worldwide, and there's no surprise why. This comfortable brace can be a practical help by:
✔️Reducing inflammation - The comfortable neoprene material allows full compression of the shoulder joint.
✔️Reducing shoulder instability - Allowing for effective & efficient recovery.
✔️Improving blood flow - The brace helps to elevate the shoulder
✔️Correcting postural habits - Habits which often cause these shoulder problems.

 Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

At Fulfilled Fitness - We strive for customer excellence! We are of course hoping that you make the most out of your purchase, but we also stand firmly by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  

Since already more than 7,000 customers are happily using our support braces we're confident enough in our product to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you're not satisfied with our product, you may return or get your money back!

Any further questions or concerns about our product? Please contact our dedicated support team at info@fulfilledfitnessuk.com 

Frame Material: Wood

Seat Material: Wood

Adjustable Height: No

Seat Style: Saddle

Distressed: No

Custom Made: No

Number of Items Included: 1

Folding: No

Stackable: No

Cushions Included: No

Arms Included: No

Footrest Included: Yes

Casters Included: No

Nailhead Trim: No

Weight Capacity: 225 Kilogramm

Commercial Use: No

Country of Manufacture: Vietnam



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